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Pervasive PDAC

Unlike PDAC, Titan works with all Windows versions of the Btrieve engine so you don't have to upgrade your Pervasive licenses just to use the latest Delphi release. We provide source code too! Buy or upgrade today.


Customer Testimonial:

"By the way, if you need any testimonials for your product I'd be happy to serve as one. I was developing with the ODBC drivers and had a table of about 800 records of size 1k that I had hooked to a dbgrid. Both the data files and the engine were on my local machine and it took about 90 seconds to display the dbgrid. When I switched from ODBC to Titan that same process took less than 1 second. Simply amazing."

A Happy Customer


Reggatta Switches
Hosting Provider

We moved our web site to a new hosting provider that provides excellent services and support. The company is Santa Barbara Web Hosting and they provide a great environment to host Microsoft-based web applications and web sites. In addition to our web site, we're using their hosted version of Microsoft Exchange 2003 to support our business - this is very cool. Be sure to tell them Reggatta Systems sent you!


Beta Release of Titan Database Interface for Btrieve & Rad Studio XE Now Ready

Sorry this took so long! We just posted the first beta release with support for Embarcadero's Rad Studio XE. Please see the downloads page to get yourself a copy.


Reggatta Releases First iPhone App

We caught the iPhone bug and decided to create an app for the iPhone. It has nothing to do with Delphi or Titan, as it is an end-user app targeted at people who want to keep score at sporting events and games. You can check it out at


Delphi on the Mac?

We have switched to doing all of our development in a Windows virtual machine running on the Apple Mac. We're using VMWare's Fusion product and have found it to be superb for the creation of development virtual machines and test virtual machines. It has never crashed. The Mac is fast and stable, and you'll love how fast and simple everything is. For example, you can create a virtual machine for Windows along with your different versions of Delphi, so you can load up whatever environment you want to support different customers. Once you have made the switch, you'll never go back.

Nice Feedback from a Titan Customer:

"I was so impressed with the performance of Titan against an ODBC connection to pervasive. The Pervasive database we are trying to read data from and integrate into a MS SQL application is Exchequer Accounts by Iris software, one of the first windows accounting packages written in Delphi 1 way back. The problem is that the database is really slow, they use all sorts of strange methods for which I can find no logic. The refresh of the tables we are using in ODBC takes over 2 minutes with Titan it takes 24 seconds. Fantastic!"
- Jason Richards, Healing Breeze


How's the golf book selling?

Many of you ask me, "how is your golf book is doing?" Thanks for your interest. The book is selling well and the reaction from people is fabulous. I will say that If you want to make lots of money, stick with software development, as book revenue doesn't come close, unless you are J.K Rowling or something. Please note that the book is now available on the Apple iBookstore!


Welcome to our site where you'll find the latest information on our Titan Database Interface™ product.

What is our product?

The Titan Database Interface is a software developer's tool which provides highly-optimized database access components for the Codegear Delphi™ and C++ Builder™ development environments.

What is in Titan?

The Titan Database Interface provides set of data-aware components for Codegear's Delphi™ and C++ Builder™ which are optimized to connect to some of today's popular databases.

For more information on our technology and how it can save you development time and make your applications run faster, click here or on the 'Databases' link above.

Who are we?

Reggatta Systems developed the world's first Borland (now Embarcadero) Database Engine replacement back in 1995. For over 16 years we have worked closely with the developers of Delphi to bring you the very best database interface products for their development tools. We are proud to be a Embarcadero Technology Partner.






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